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Progressive Web Applications

The number of users using mobile phones and applications are constantly rising, having a huge range for everyday and commercial use to forfill the needs of millions of users. PWA is the answer for quick, reliable and easy to use applications, combining applications that you view via a web browser and an application you tend to download from the store (e.g. Play Store and the App Store).

For the readers who are unaware of a PWA, it's an application you access via the web browser and allows you to download it onto the home of your mobile device. Thus, allowing you to use the application when you're not connected to the internet. Most or nearly all should allow you to fill out forms on the application and once connected to the internet it will submit the data automatically. This is hugely cost-effective to any organisation, as it doesn't require to be programmed in many different languages for different platforms (e.g. Java and Swift). Additionally, it does not require the user to manually install any updates, which increases the ease of use for the customer and allowing to push any crucial updates (patching security vulnerabilitiesrabilities).