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A web app to prepare SME s for Cyber Essentials

In my final year of my degree I was expected to complete a project to demonstrate my skills I have learnt through my time at university and my placement year. My chosen project is to help SME's who don't have a great technical understanding of the requirements for Cyber Essentials. The aim is to develop a web app to help them gain a better understanding of what is required and how to achieve the certification for their benefit.

I have been constantly tweaking the web application to help enhance its appearance, features and security. One of the features I have included in the application is to allow the user to delete their account, helping it comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation. The processes of deleting the users account requires them too type DELETE into a textbox, ensuring they do not delete their account by accident. Then an email is sent to the user to confirm the deletion.

Since finishing univeristy I would like to continue and improve on this web application, increase the depth of feedback the user will receive and include new features.